Winx Club Season 5 Episode 8

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Title:  Winx Club Season 5 Episode 8   
Episode Name: Secret of the Ruby Reef
TV Channel: Nickelodeon
TV Show Time Slot:   1:00 PM  ET

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Don't forget to watch this episode or else your would miss some exciting portions. The Full Episode is schedule to air on Sunday, October 28, 2012   1:00 PM  ET. Search in the internet for more show synopsis.

TV Show Summary:  Tritannus raids King Neptune’s underwater palace and transforms his family into mutants. Then, thanks to the dark magic of his trident, manages to absorb the magical strength of his father King Neptune’s mystical sword. Meanwhile, the Winx Club are in Musa's home world, Melody, busy searching for the second gem, the one of Empathy. During a fight with Tritannus, Musa is hit by a powerful dark spell and transforms into a terrible monster, bent on destroying the Winx.

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